The idea for the Yield Lab became a reality when it was officially formed in 2014 with a vision of helping to address global food security issues. Thad Simons, former CEO of NOVUS International, joined forces with Cultivation Capital to create the Yield Lab after seeing more and more deal flow within the agriculture sector. With a world population expected to reach over 9 billion by the year 2050, at The Yield Lab we believe that innovations in agriculture technology will play a critical role in cultivating solutions and feeding more people. We invest in early stage AgTech companies that have creative and innovative solutions in the agriculture space. Through $100,000 in funding, world class mentoring and support, and the agriculturally solid framework of St. Louis, Missouri, selected companies complete our 9 month cohort ready to introduce critical solutions to the agriculture field. We are excited to be doing our part to help make St. Louis the city with solutions and the gateway to a more food secure future.