Stover Ventures Announces Meetings for Those Wishing to Invest in New Technology

Stover Ventures to Extract a Valuable Antioxidant Compound from Corn Stover

Osage, Iowa — June 4, 2018 — Stover Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ag Ventures Alliance in Mason City will be hosting sixteen informational meetings in Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota for those who may be interested in investing in the company. The money would be used to build a first of its kind processing facility in Osage, Iowa to extract a valuable antioxidant compound from the corn plant residue left in the field after harvest. A highly digestible cattle feed product will also be produced as a second source of revenue for the company.

Ag Ventures Alliance has spent four years and over $1.5 million developing, testing and researching the markets for products from corn stover and selected this technology as the best use of corn stover. Stover Ventures is raising up $25 million for the facility and the minimum investment size is $20,000. If all $25 million is raised, the new investors will own approximately 83% of the company.

 “Ag Ventures Alliance has invested in dozens of agricultural innovations over the past 20 years and we believe this is the best opportunity we have seen in at least the past decade,” said Jude Conway, CEO of Ag Ventures Alliance.

If you have questions, you may contact Ag Ventures Alliance at or call (641) 494-2368.

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