Membership Application Form




    (Only complete if you are currently farming. It will help us to better serve you.)

    The Cooperative:

    Ag Ventures Alliance (AgVA) is a membership cooperative of farmers, agri-businesspersons and others that support value-added agriculture. AgVA was formed to facilitate the development of value-added ventures that may result in business opportunities for its members. Involvement in any such business venture is at the sole discretion of the member, and members are responsible for requesting and evaluating a full disclosure pertaining to any such business venture. Members of AgVA will have no financial liability to AgVA or its creditors beyond their membership investment, fees, or contributions to AgVA unless otherwise contracted between the member and AgVA.

    AgVA is an Iowa Chapter 501 cooperative that filed its articles of association on or about August 19, 1998. AgVA is organized on a membership basis without capital stock and only members will have voting rights. AgVA’s fiscal year is January 1 through December 31.


    Members have the first, and possibly sole, opportunity to participate in business ventures developed by AgVA. Generally, members are not recognized publicly for their support of AgVA, and the membership list is not publicly available. Membership requires an initial membership investment in AgVA of $250. An annual fee of $25.00 to maintain membership status is due each year by March 31.

    Terms and Conditions:

    By signing this Application for Membership to Ag Ventures Alliance Cooperative (“AgVA” or “the Cooperative”), the undersigned applicant agrees: (1) to pay the initial membership investment as shown on the reverse side of this agreement made payable to AgVA for the purposes of assisting the Cooperative to meet organizational and startup costs, conducting analyses of proposed value-added agricultural ventures, and retaining legal, financial, and other advisors and consultants; (2) that membership may be renewed for another calendar year at the option of the applicant by paying the then current annual membership fee and upon approval of the Board of Directors; (3) that the entire membership investment and any annual fees are “at risk”, will not be returned, and are not an interest or voting interest in the cooperative; (4) that membership in the Cooperative is not transferable; (5) that membership is restricted to persons or entities that meet the requirements set forth in the Articles and Bylaws of AgVA and have been approved by the Board of Directors; (6) that no binding obligation of the Cooperative is being created by this application other than the obligation to issue a membership certificate to the undersigned if approved by the Cooperative as a member; (7) that membership in the Cooperative does not convey to the member any rights of delivery or voting rights in any projects or business ventures developed by the Cooperative, although members may have first opportunity to participate in said projects or business ventures; and (8) that upon acceptance by an authorized agent for the Cooperative, this application for membership shall become the Membership Agreement between the undersigned and the Cooperative. Each prospective member understands and acknowledges that he/she/it will not be a member of the cooperative solely upon the payment of the initial membership investment. A prospective member will not be entitled to any of the rights, privileges, or obligations of membership in the cooperative as described above and in the Articles and Bylaws until all membership criteria have been met.

    Ag Ventures Alliance Cooperative (“AgVA”), an Iowa cooperative association, is not itself offering securities, effecting transactions in securities, soliciting any person to purchase or acquire securities from any other party or handling funds or extending credit or other financial accommodations in connection with any offer and sale of securities. Any transaction or other relationship between any person who is a recipient of this communication and any other party, including any cooperative or other organization seeking to establish a value-added agricultural project, is the sole responsibility of such parties.
    Ag Ventures Alliance is an equal opportunity provider.

    I certify: (1) that all the information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge; (2) that I have read, understand and accept the stated terms and conditions applicable to this agreement which are set forth on the above; and (3) that I have been provided with all of the information that I believe to be necessary for a full understanding of the Cooperative and for becoming a Member.

  • Price: $250.00
    Annual Fee $25 Payable by March 31 of each year.