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Who can belong to Ag Ventures Alliance?

Any individual, business, or organization can be a member of Ag Ventures Alliance.

What does it cost to become a member of Ag Ventures Alliance?

To become a member you must make an initial membership investment of $250. After that there is an annual fee of $25 due by March 31st each year.

Why should I join Ag Ventures Alliance?

If you join Ag Ventures you can:

  • Participate in value-added businesses developed by Ag Ventures.
  • Members will have first or only opportunity to participate.
  • Members can become a part of Countryside Angels.
  • Obtain development assistance for a value-added business venture that you are interested in starting.
  • Support value-added activities.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology through the Farmer Trial Network.
  • Participate in educational events.

How can I join?

Membership Renewal

There will be an Annual Renewal Fee of $25.00 payable by March 31st of each year.

Simply complete our online form above. Please note that you will be required to make your $250 initial membership investment upon submission.

You can also print out the Membership Application Form and send it by mail to the address below.

Please send $250 initial membership investment to:

Ag Ventures Alliance
2009 4th St SW, Suite 1
Mason City, Iowa 50401

Make check payable to Ag Ventures Alliance.