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Who can belong to Ag Ventures Alliance?
Any individual, business, or organization can be a member of Ag Ventures Alliance.

What does it cost to become a member of Ag Ventures Alliance?
To become a member you must make an initial membership investment of $250. After that there is an annual fee of $25 due by March 31st each year.

Why should I join Ag Ventures Alliance?
If you join Ag Ventures you can:

  • Participate in value-added businesses developed by Ag Ventures. Members will have first or only opportunity to participate.
  • Obtain development assistance for a value-added business venture that you are interested in starting.
  • Support value-added activities.

What is the membership of Ag Ventures Alliance?
Current membership is 439.

How can I contact Ag Ventures Alliance?
Jude Conway
Ag Ventures Alliance
2009 4th St SW, Suite 1, Mason City, Iowa 50401
Phone: 641/494-2368, Fax: 641/494-0004

Become a Member


Sign up and Pay On-line!

Or print out a Membership Application Form and send it by mail.

Please send $250 initial membership investment to:

Ag Ventures Alliance
2009 4th St SW, Suite 1
Mason City, Iowa 50401

Make check payable to Ag Ventures Alliance.

There will be an Annual Fee of $25.00 payable by March 31st of each year.

Do You Qualify as an Accredited Investor

If you are a member of Ag Ventures Alliance but have not registered as an “accredited investor”, review the Accredited Investor Form to see if you qualify. If you meet the qualifications, print and send the form, along with the membership form, by postal mail to the address above.

Due to Securities and Exchange Commission requirements, many business ventures find it preferable to conduct a private equity offering just for accredited investors. An accredited investor is an individual, organization or entity that meets the criteria for qualifying as an accredited investor.

Be sure to apply the accredited investor criteria to the way in which you hold your Ag Ventures membership (ie. individual, corporation, etc.). If you are uncertain how you hold your membership, contact Jude at 641-494-2368,